Cleo loved being an escort

Of course she loved the money she made. However, she had always been interested in sex work. She was a person who absolutely needed to have a lot of sexual partners all the time. Having just one sexual partner would never be enough for her. She wanted the most varied and fascinating sexual life she could have.

She also had a deep need to be the one in control, and it felt easier to do that as a sex worker. People automatically saw you as the one controlling the experience. That’s often how she felt anyway. There was no doubt that working as one of the escorts at London escorts was busy. However, she was a person who was able to rise to the challenge over and over again. Being able to bring pleasure to such a wide range of different men every day genuinely made her feel like a goddess, and it seemed that a lot of men actually worshiped her as one.

Cleo remembered a particular evening with a younger client that always stuck out from the others. He had not had a great deal of sexual experience yet, even though he was well into his twenties. He was completely nervous the whole time leading up to the actual event. She kept trying to do everything in her power to calm him down in order to help him enjoy the experience, and it seemed that it was finally working. Being with people like this really made her remember the power that erotic interactions could have, and she was happy that she could provide him with a good time.

She was able to show her new client what his own body was capable of experiencing in the hands of someone who had the sexual knowledge that she possessed. All of his nervousness went away as she was able to channel his energy in a completely new direction. It seemed as if he was coming alive for the first time. She knew what that was like, since she was a woman who really lived each and every sexual encounter in a way that most people never do, as work and play. Having business that was pleasure at the same time would always be an exciting adventure for Cleo, and it was definitely one that she planned to continue for a very long period of time.

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