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When I first started swinging after my shift at Cheap London escorts, I got really into threesome. It turned me on being with two hunky guys, and I must admit that they seemed to enjoy giving me and showing me a good time. I have always enjoyed threesomes, but at the time I did not have any boyfriends who wanted to get involved in threesome, so I started to swing. By the time I got off the evening shift from Cheap London escorts, it was often the perfect time to go to a swinger’s party.


Some of the girls at Cheap London escorts were a bit surprised that I was into swinging. I think that the majority of girls at Cheap London escorts from https://charlotteaction.org/cheap-london-escorts are not into doing Do’s and stuff like that, but I am. Most of the guys that you meet at Swingers parties dream of having a go at a DP, but many girls at the parties will not do it. Having sex is fine, but they are not really into any of the more interesting forms of sex. I must admit that I kind of find that strange, but the truth is that we all have different tastes and that is fine.


One evening. I met these really hot guys at the swinger’s party. They were desperate to try something different, so I invited them to do a DP with me. One of the guys was totally new to swinging and did not even want to use a condom. I told that we always use condoms at swinger’s parties. In the end he agreed, but he still worried me. When we were in the actual act, he got really over excited and started to squeeze my boobs. He was really heavy handed and I ended up with really sore both and nipples. The next morning, I woke up with bruises and had to have the day off from Cheap London escorts.


After that date, I still go swinging after my shift at Cheap London escorts, but I don’t do threesomes anymore. Like I say to my friends at Cheap London escorts, the problem with threesomes is that you are not really in control. Yes, I do always make sure that I have a break word, but some guys just get over excited. Quite a few of the girls at Cheap London escorts do go swinging, but i do know that they have taken my advice and stay away from threesomes.


It took me a couple of weeks to recover. In the end, I had to use Arnica to make the swelling go down. I am sure that many other girls who have had a DP have had problems as well. To be honest, I still do DP’s, but I do them with guys that I trust. They really do turn me on and I love the sensation of double penetration. At the moment I have two partners that I like doing them with and we have tons of fun together. It is all about trust at the end of the day, and you don’t have to do the same thing all of the time. There are different ways to enjoy yourself.

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