Why do so many former escorts never work again?

Sitting around the table with the rest of the girls from Brixton escorts of https://charlotteaction.org/brixton-escorts, it became clear that a lot of the girls who have left the escort agency in Brixton, never work again. Having only been escorting for about five months, I realise I have a lot to learn but I am fascinated why so many former escorts never seem to work again. Could it be that many of them have married rich guys or made enough money?


Sure, there are some former Brixton escorts who have married rich guys and don’t need to work anymore. But that is far from the truth with all escorts. It has taken me a while to get to know the girls at the escort agency in Brixton, but they are gradually letting me in on the tricks to the trade. For instance, it seems that most escorts at the agency are pretty savvy when it comes to money.


Saving up money to buy their own place seems to be a priority. At the moment I am sharing with a couple of girls, but thanks to generous tips from dates at Brixton escorts, I have not needed to touch the money I have in the bank. If this continues, I will have a nice little lump sum of money in a year or so. With that I guess that I could always start to look around for my own place here in Brixton. This is still one the cheaper places to live in London and you can still pick up some bargains.


But, my girlfriends at Brixton escorts don’t seem to have stopped there. Instead of sitting back on their laurels, they have continued to work hard. One of the girls at the escort agency, has told me that she worked more than her socks off at the escort agency and has just bought another place. She is planning to rent it out and live where she is living now. That is a very clever thing to do and like she says, the flat has kind of become a her retirement investment as well.


The girls are also very savvy with things like gifts. Like the other girls at Brixton escorts, I don’t get cash tips all of the time. I have been given some half decent handbags and some bling. I was not sure about the bling and bags, but the girls have told me to look after them. Once I have enough stuff and not dating the gent anymore, I can always sell them. So, I have tucked away my bling, and I am not using my handbags. You never know, a couple of years from now,  I may retire and never have to work again. Actually I am not so sure that I would like to do that.  Could it be that retiring around the age ofm30 may in fact be a little bit boring. I may just have to find something else to do with my time.

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